Acts of Kindness

Beaconsfield's community spirit is as strong as ever. Let’s prove it by spreading the news of the many good deeds and acts of kindess that our neighbors, friends, family members or perfect strangers have performed for others or ourselves.

This is your opportunity to express your thanks. Any unselfish act, no matter how small may be counted towards our target of 100 Acts of Kindness. Help Beaconsfield become an even better place to live!

  • Pick up a neighbor’s mail while they’re away
  • If you come across it, pick up a piece of trash that escaped from the bin
  • Say hello or smile to a passerby
  • Hold the door open for the next person
  • Thank your waste and recycling collectors 
  • Offer the postman/woman a glass of cool water on a hot day
  • Water your neighbors’ flower pots while they’re away
  • Feed the neighbors’ pets while they’re away
  • Offer to pick something up for an elderly neighbor while out on errands 
  • Check in on a neighbor who’s feeling under the weather 
  • Offer an hour or two of help to a neighbor who has a newborn
  • Mow the lawn for a busy neighbor
  • Donate unwanted/unused goods to NOVA or another charity
  • Invite a neighbor over for coffee
  • Attend a community event and show your support and appreciation to those who work so hard to put the event together

E-mail your thanks with a simple description of the act to:



Written by D. Bouchard-Serhan and J. Holt