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  • Were babies born on kitchen tables?
  • Could you take a boat under St. Charles Boulevard?
  • Was a painted outhouse a status symbol?





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We'd like you to add to Beaconsfield’s growing community history on Beaconsfield Voices.

  • Do you remember stories your parents told you about Beaconsfield life from the past 100 years?
  • Do you have a more recent Beaconsfield tale to tell?
  • Do you want to share the past with the future?

If so, we want to hear from you. Send in your memories of everyday life ― past and present ― to:

Beaconsfield 100!
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What our logo represents

It’s bright and swirling and family friendly. It’s a design like no other with its own history – Beaconsfield’s history.
beauty of nature with sustainable development
water and clean air
celebration of harmonious progress through the decades
joyful energy and centennial festivities
optimism for the future
Intertwined swirls
community in motion working together
Old font
commemoration of the past

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