Augustina, Maria and Albina Valois enjoying the arrival of the telephone at the Valois home
Collection: Valois family


Beaconsfield Centennial 2010 Steering Committee

303 Beaconsfield Boulevard
Beaconsfield, Québec H9W 4A7
Telephone: 514 428-4400 ext 4480


Danièle Bouchard - Serhan, Chair
Lilly Vonniessen, Vice Chair and Sponsorship Prime
Ravi Chhabra, Treasurer
Ian Gergovich, Vice Treasurer
Michael Dooling, Secretary
Judith Clark, June 4th Festivities and Time Capsule Coordinator /Historical Researcher
Michèle Janis, Events and Logistics Chair


Nicole Khoury, Official Photographer
Olivia Kona, Marketing Communications and Website Coordinator
Gilles Perron, Schools Liaison

Beaconsfield Centennial Council Advisory

Committee Mayor David Pollock
Councillor Karin Essen
Councillor Rhonda Massad
Councillor Michael Montagano