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Nicole K.
100 Favorite Things

What are a few of our favorite things?

...singing out loud at the Battle of the Bands … walking on fallen leaves after a rain … stargazing on clear nights off of the point … teaching grandkids to skip stones at the ramps… joining a rugby team and learning the true meaning of “scrum”…

Read on and learn more about the things we Beaconsfielders love about our city.

1. Uncovering the history of Beaurepaire-Beaconsfield with the handy guide published by the Historical Society

2. Enjoying a spectacular sunrise over Lake St. Louis from the point of Centennial Park

3. Taking up bird watching in Angell Woods, home to the endangered red-shouldered hawk and Cooper’s hawk

4. Admiring over 100 classic cars at the VAQ annual classic car show

5. Taking the kids to a Children’s Theatre production

6. Learning to fly, and much more, with the 690 Lakeshore Squadron Air Cadets

7. Discovering Beaconsfield's historic homes with the aid of the West Island Heritage Bike Trail map

8. Starting a book club or joining the Beaconsfield Bookworms

9. Gardening and landscaping to beautify our neighborhoods and city

10. Appreciating the harmonious blend of two cultures: francophone and Anglophone

11. Playing a game of street hockey

12. Listening to a free concert on a Sunday afternoon at Beaconsfield United Church

13. Enjoying a small town vibe in a large metropolis

14. Practicing yoga at the Recreation Centre

15. Trying the sport of lawn bowling on finely manicured bowling greens

16. Viewing an art and/or photo exhibit at the library

17. Singing out loud during the Battle of the Bands contest

18. Celebrating Quebec's culture at the annual Fête nationale celebrations

19. Researching your family tree at the library

20. Learning to skate and swim at the Beaconsfield Recreation Centre

21. Admiring the dance performances at Beaconsfield's annual Canada Day celebrations

22. Watching the Canada Day fireworks from the shores of Lake St. Louis

23. Waving at the Pumpkin Patrol volunteers on Halloween night

24. Registering for an art class at Centennial Hall

25. Getting a great deal on quality used books at the Friends of the Library book sale

26. Exploring the world via library events such as: Noche de Fiesta, German Coffee Party or Indian Tea Party

27. Jogging along the lakeshore at any time of day

28. Experiencing Repercussion Theatre’s Shakespeare play at Centennial Park

29. Challenging our creative side by joining a writing workshop at the library

30. Bundling up and attending the annual outdoor Christmas Concert at Centennial Park

31. Ambling through Centennial Park and admiring the annual Shona sculptures from Zimbabwe

32. Flying a kite in the field at Angell Woods

33. Becoming a Friend of the Beaconsfield Library

34. Enjoying sunsets over Lake St. Louis at St. James Park

35. Joining a Rugby Team to learn the true meaning of “scrum”

36. Furnishing your first apartment with finds from NOVA

37. Listening to stories during children’s story time at the Beaconsfield Library

38. Enjoying the opening day at the outdoor community pools

39. Making new friends by volunteering at school or with one of the many local associations and clubs

40. Renting the Beaconsfield Pool for a pool party with all your friends

41. Competing in the annual Beaurepaire Triathlon

42. Stargazing on a clear night off the point in Centennial Park

43. Becoming active by joining one of the many sports associations in Beaconsfield

44. Enjoying ice fishing on the lake

45. Supporting a carwash fundraiser

46. Enjoying cross-country skiing in Angell Woods on a bright February day

47. Adopting a friend for life at the annual Beaconsfield Pet Fair

48. Admiring the works of local artists, quilters and rug hookers during their annual exhibitions

49. Rollerblading on the Elm Street bike path

50. Touring beautiful Beaconsfield Gardens during the Beaconsfield Garden Club Tour

51. Enrolling in the guide or scout movement as a participant or as a volunteer

52. Playing hockey or skating at the Beaconsfield Arena

53. Bargaining for deals at the Recreation Centre garage sale or private garage sales

54. Gathering your neighbors together for a BBQ on June 5, Neighbors Day, or on any summer day

55. Decorating a gingerbread house for the library contest

56. Boating to Dowkers Island for a picnic

57. Sitting on a terrace and having a bite to eat

58. Hunting for treasures and second hand castaways at the Beaconsfield Treasure Hunt

59. Chalking it up in the street, the driveway or in an empty parking lot

60. Fishing for fun off the point in Centennial Park

61. Attending a free lecture at the Beaconsfield Library

62. Planting a tree

63. Taking a long, late night walk and enjoying the tranquility

64. Marveling at the grace of the ice boats as they glide across the frozen surface of Lake St. Louis

65. Buying your flowers, tomatoes, peppers and herbs locally

66. Enjoying trees everywhere and the charm of a town with a living history

67. Setting sail at one of the local yacht clubs

68. Walking through the fallen leaves after an autumn rain

69. Bringing leaves to Public Works in the fall and picking up free compost in the spring

70. Reading a book on a park bench overlooking the lake

71. Strolling along the lakeshore morning, noon or evening

72. Playing a game of soccer at City Lane

73. Exploring Angell Woods our beautiful hardwood forest featuring century old trees

74. Enjoying summer picnics at Centennial Park

75. Finding out “how to go green” through one of the free environment committee lectures

76. Swimming, taking lessons, playing water polo and socializing at an outdoor community pool

77. Observing the local wildlife like a raccoon family scurrying up a tree

78. Relishing the silence during a snow storm

79. Buying a plant and receiving free gardening advice at the annual Garden Club Plant Sale

80. Cycling "La route verte" from Beaconsfield to Lachine

81. Building a sandcastle at the Centennial Park Beach

82. Skating at Beaconhill or any of the other rinks

83. Filling a ditch with flowers in front of your house and enjoying having no sidewalks

84. Teaching your grandchildren to skip stones at the boat launching ramps

85. Riding or rollerblading in the annual Eco Walk and Roll

86. Shopping in local Beaurepaire Village, Sherwood Plaza, Elm Mall or Beaconsfield Shopping Centre

87. Getting the gang together for a beach volleyball game at Centennial Park

88. Remembering our fallen heroes at the Field of Honour

89. Tobogganing at Rockhill Park

90. Enlisting the help of neighbors to “Adopt a Neighborhood Rink”

91. Playing hide and seek in the forest at Windermere Park

92. Playing a game of shinny at one of the outdoor rinks

93. Skateboarding in the skate park

94. Listening to free weekly summer concerts in Centennial Park

95. Taking a fitness class at the Recreation Centre or one of the local clubs

96. Kayaking, canoeing and wind surfing on Lake St. Louis

97. Visiting all the Beaconsfield parks and trying out the play structures

98. Sampling home-cooking at one of the Church sales

99. Enjoying being part of a vibrant community

100. Participating in one or all of the Beaconsfield100 Community events!

List compiled by M. Janis with input from: L. Battley, A. Bourel, A. Bouthiller, D.Chabot, S. DeCourcy, J. Holt, O. Kona, N. Libersan-Laniel, D. Murumbi, B. Price, M. Purvis, D. Serhan, N. Steward, M.Tassoni, L. Voniessen, A.Valentino

Nicole K.

Our favorite things

A Sunday drive along the Lakeshore. The fireworks in July. Maggie the duck at the Library. The mixture of old and new homes. Community Swimming Pools in the summer. Community Skating Rinks in the winter. Tobogganing on Beaconsfield Golf Course. Too many wonderful things to mention....and too difficult to pick only one.....
Valerie Knott Douglas

Angell Woods by far! To start my day with a walk in the woods is a "good thing"! 
Rhonda Massad 

Walking along Lakeshore Road on a Friday morning with my friends. 
Judith Holt 

The early morning serenity of the lake... waking up on Saturday mornings, reading the Gazette and watching the birds and squirrels out my window.
Tony Mancini 

Walking through St. James Park just east of St. Charles by the lake. 
Gena Kona-Mancini 

Getting off the highway and taking the scenic route home along Lakeshore.... and walking along the lake. 
Heidi Simmons

Angell Woods is just the best place to recharge yourself and plan your day. What I treat for our kids and for the generations to come! 
Marie-Hélène Gauthier

The Beaconsfield Newcomers Club, Windermere Park and carrot cake at Homestyle.
Kelly Cartwright

The trees, the trees, the trees... I swear my blood pressure goes down each time I turn onto Creswell to go home... 
Linda Pezzi   

Nicole K.