Our local volunteers are local heroes

These are only a few of their contributions.

  • Preserving our heritage
  • Caring for our natural environment
  • Inspiring success in our young people
  • Beautifying our community

Thank you Beaconsfield volunteers for making our community stronger!

Get Involved

We need you!

It’s never too late to get involved. We're sending out a call to all talented, knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals.

Stories and Photos

  • Add to Beaconsfield’s growing community history.
  • Do you have an interesting story or photo of everyday life in Beaconsfield ― past or present ― you’d like to share?

Send in your submissions for Our Stories and our Photo galleries.

Time Capsule

  • Share your history with the future.
  • We’re sealing a time capsule that will be opened in 100 years. Help us fill it with photos or stories from daily life in Beaconsfield 2010. Tell us what you do for work and fun; what your kids are learning in school; what events are happening in your families; what it costs to live in Beaconsfield; what the popular trends, films, music and books of the year are and more.

1910 Street Party of the Century

  • Join the party in Beaurepaire Village on Friday, June 4, the City’s official anniversary date. Come walk through a piece of Beaconsfield history as we recreate the look and feel of 1910 for an energy infused Street Party of the Century.
  • Help set the stage and play a role (literally) in this historic event. We’re looking for volunteer amateur actors and extras of all ages to help recreate Main Street 1910. Training and costumes provided.

Interested? Have something to share or to send? Want to volunteer? Then e-mail us for more information, to send a contribution or tell us how you'd like to help.

written by O. Kona

We're growing!

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Beaconsfield Centennial 2010 Steering Committee

Beaconsfield Centennial 2010 Steering Committee is composed primarily of Beaconsfield volunteers and works as an umbrella organization representing volunteers in the community.