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Happy 100th Birthday, Beaconsfield!

Commemorate and Celebrate! 1910-2010

You’re invited to Beaconsfield’s 100th Anniversary celebrations.

We’re bursting with ideas for a centennial full of festivities, fanfare and fun. One hundred years in the making, the celebration begins on our official anniversary date of June 4 at the energy-infused 1910 Party of the Century in Beaurepaire Village.

Check for regular updates.

Centennial events are added regularly from various community associations involved in making this 100th birthday a truly wonderful event.

Our website is growing.

Find out about our community, past and present, and add your own local stories and photos. We’ll be posting additional, intriguing historical facts and information to keep you coming back for more.

Don’t miss out.

Find out how you can get involved, become a sponsor, buy centennial souvenirs at our boutique and help make Beaconsfield’s Centennial an even bigger memorable moment.

Join the party.

Learn about our history, attend our events and join us in celebrating and commemorating Beaconsfield’s thrilling historic milestone.

We’re turning 100. Let’s celebrate together!

The Beaconsfield Centennial 2010 Steering Committee


written by O. Kona

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