The History of Northwest Beaconsfield’s Street Names


Mlle Lepine married Louis Carrière.  They lived on Woodland Avenue and the post office was in their home.  Mme Carrière was postmistress from 1919 to 1946.  She was highly esteemed in the community and a large collection was taken by her friends when she retired as postmistress.


Malcolm Beaton was hired as a town superintendent in 1917.  His job was all inclusive: he was a constable, engineer, dog catcher, electrical inspector, supervisor of all the repairs and jobs in town.  He was respected by all who knew him and was considered an exceptional man.  The children thought of him as very important indeed and believed the town was named Beatonsfieldafter Malcolm Beaton.


Sidney Cunningham moved to Beaurepaire from Verdun.  He was a school commissioner from 1927 to1930 and was the first president of the Beaconsfield Citizens’ Association in 1923. In the same year he was president of the Christ Church Tennis Club.  He owned the first General Store in the Beaurepaire Commercial Plaza in 1929.


John-Henry Menzies was a developer of the Grove property in the last century.  He was among those responsible for making Beaconsfield attractive as a summer place and was in fact responsible for giving Beaconsfield its name.


James W. Shaw was mayor of Beaconsfield from 1928-1936.  He was the founder and owner of the Beaurepaire Golf Course.

Researcher: Gisèle Hall
Written by Margo Purvis