Mr. David Pollock
City of Beaconsfield
303 Beaconsfield Boulevard
Beaconsfield, Quebec
H9W 4A7

Dear Mayor Pollock,

I would like to extend to you, to Beaconsfield City council, and to all Beaconsfield residents my very best wishes as you prepare to celebrate your city’s 100th Anniversary this coming June. This will be a truly proud moment for Beaconsfield and for the West Island.

Beaconsfield has evolved from newly-discovered farmland nearly 400 years ago into a vital lakeside community that contributes uniquely to the Montreal region’s economic, social, and environmental progress and well-being.

Beaconsfield is well-known for its enviable quality of life and the exemplary civic-mindedness of its citizens. Over the years, Beaconsfield has attracted generations of young families who have chosen to build their future in a community that can only be described as ideal. In the process, they have contributed to Beaconsfield’s history and identity through active participation in local school, recreational and civic life. This special anniversary is not only an occasion to commemorate Beaconsfield’s past century, it is also a time to celebrate its promising future.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say how honoured I feel to represent the citizens of Beaconsfield in our nation’s Parliament.

Happy Birthday Beaconsfield!


Francis Scarpaleggia