2010 is a historic year for Beaconsfield! Our beautiful city is a hundred years old.  On June 4th 1910, one hundred years ago, when the city was incorporated, Beaconsfield was principally a farming and lakeside vacation community of several hundred people. As the road network and railway access improved, vacation properties were winterized, new homes were built and our city gradually became a residential suburban community. Today, Beaconsfield has a population of 19,300 citizens, over 6,000 homes, a few small commercial areas and is basically fully developed.

However Beaconsfield is not standing still. The city has a long history of active citizen participation and involvement in numerous cultural, recreational and community programs. There are thousands of citizens who participate each month in programs and associations at Centennial Hall, the Library, the Recreation Centre and throughout the community in churches, schools and other venues.

Beaconsfielders' are also well known for contributing outside their community; on the Montreal, provincial, national and international levels. We have citizens who have won gold medals at the Olympics, flown in space and are pillars in business, education, high tech, and life sciences sectors as well as in a multitude of volunteer organizations.

Beaconsfield is one of the most beautiful cities one can live in. It is an abundantly treed, lakeside city. Our citizens take pride in living here and it shows in the care they take on their properties and their support for a green community. With one of the highest family income and education levels in the country, Beaconsfielders’ appreciate the need to be part of an active community where we look out for one another and together build our city's future.

I encourage all of you to come and be part of our centennial celebration. We have a "hundred years" of festivities planned and our year long celebration would not be complete without you.


David Pollock