Happy 100th!
Hi there. Al Birmingham here. We moved to Lakeshore Road in Beaurepaire from TMR in 1956. At 92 ½ years old my mother, Dr. Marion K. Birmingham, must be one of Beaconsfield's longest living residents still inhabiting her original Beaurepaire house.
I thought you would be interested in a few photos of our Beaurepaire life. The sailing photo was taken by my late father, Dr. Lloyd Birmingham. The photo is of the Ishkoodah Cup in the late 1950's. The starting line is more or less in front of our house. 

The band photo was taken at a Beaconsfield High School grad Sock Hop. This was the first band I was in, The Centuries. I later went on to play lead guitar in the rock group “The Haunted”. (ref: Montreal Gazette article Oct 17, 2009)
The rest of the photos are of life on Lac St. Louis with family and friends including the Beaubiens and the Murray boys.
What a great place to grow up. If only Beaurepaire's Beacon Restaurant was still around, serving their famous open face hamburger platter with meat sauce and fries. Mmm!
Best Regards,
Al Birmingham