Once upon a time, a duck named Maggie looked over the terrain and decided she would make her nest in a garden at the Beaconsfield Library. The flowers would hide her, the location was close to a little creek and Lake St. Louis was not far away.

Somehow, Maggie sensed the library would protect her from invaders, human or otherwise. She made a nest, laid her eggs and sat on them for a few weeks.

One day, the librarians looked out of the window at Maggie’s nest and saw seven fluffy yellow ducklings. Herding them together, Maggie started to lead her ducklings to the water of a little creek nearby. Suddenly, there in front of her, and barking crossly, was a very big dog. It was tied up, but Maggie didn’t know that and she was frightened for her babies. What to do? Where to go?

Maggie turned back to the library where she felt safe and thought about this problem. She had to get to water and since the creek was no longer an option, she decided she would take her ducklings to Lake St. Louis. But how? Then an idea came to her.

She had seen people walk through the library’s back door so she marched up to it with her family and stood in front of the glass, but it didn’t open. One of the librarians was watching and realized what Maggie wanted to do. She gently opened the door and stood very quietly behind it. Maggie and her baby ducks waddled in, through the hall and out the front door which another librarian had raced to open.

The city employees had grown to love Maggie and her babies so they rushed to the street to stop traffic as Maggie and her seven ducklings crossed the road to safety. Maggie and her family were now on their way to Lake St. Louis, a big, beautiful, welcoming body of water.

Written by L. Battley