After arriving in Montreal from B.C., I chose to settle in Beaconsfield , where I spent nearly four decades. It is in Beaconsfield that my children grew up and attended elementary school, where they played hockey, ringette and soccer, and made friends. Beaconsfield is still "home" for me, and the city which I associate with family, friendships, and other warm memories.

For me Beaconsfield has meant friendliness and neighbourliness, peaceful and enjoyable living in the quietude and beauty of its treed streets and settings. I have lived in, and visited, many towns and cities here, there, and beyond, but Beaconsfield ranks in my mind among the nicest of them all.

I consider myself very fortunate to have represented the citizens of Beaconsfield in the House of Commons for many years. Beaconsfield always meant community spirit and harmony to me, including mutual respect, which binds the citizens together, no matter what their language or their origin is.

Congratulations, Beaconsfield, and may your next century be as harmonious and successful as the first.

Best regards,
Clifford Lincoln